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CNBC is the premier financial news and analysis cable TV network. In addition to its fine lineup of commentators and analysts, it attracts guests from industry and government as well as no small number of advisors and traders. Comments from its in-house analysts' excellent observations are often included in various Rohr analytic reports.

August 13, 2007: Calling the top of the equities and citing critical lower supports
Back in early August of 2007 very few folks had a sense that the equity markets could be in serious trouble. Alan Rohrbach appeared on prominent early morning CNBC show Squawk Box at the top of the week cautioning that equity markets might fall sharply and the Fed would need to provide emergency intervention; which it needed to do exactly three days later. He also pointed out the psychological and technical importance of DJIA 11,750 area, which proved so telling as support in the winter of 2007-2008, and such critical resistance after failing below it in June 2008.

Traders Talk LIVE AM560 WIND Chicago
Host Craig Weil is a successful floor trader with decades of experience in multiple asset classes and instruments. His quest for personal improvement led him to also become a principal of the Online Trading Academy Chicago campus. His penchant for preparation means he brings out the best on guests' background, philosophy and market ideas.

May 24, 2008 (recorded on May 20): Full Discussion
Craig led a discussion of Alan Rohrbach’s background and how he got started in market analysis. That includes extensive review of his mentors, his evolution from futures trend analysis into institutional consultation, and institutional vs. individual investment/trading advantages. He also points out imminent risks for the early year equity market recovery as it relates to critical DJIA 12,700-12,500 support.
Individual Segments:
I: Introduction and how he was drawn to market analysis (6 min.)
II: Mentors, and moving on to institutional consultation (9 min.)
III: Institutional vs. individual: ‘evolutionary’ trend view (6 min.)
IV: Questionable equities basing, and ‘radical’ tech thought (6 min.)

October 18, 2008: Full Discussion
Craig opens with cogent discussion of the economy and investments, followed by a review of implications from current volatility and revisiting Alan's critical view on equities from back in May. This ends up with the discussion of how the DJIA failure below the 10,000 area has led to the Super-Cycle CorrectionSM, and what that means.
Individual Segments:
I: Craig on the economy; volatility inquiry; reviewing the May call (15 min.)
II: DJIA fails; Super-Cycle CorrectionSM long-term sideways base (7 min.)