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Rohr International is an international capital markets consultancy. It specializes in major equity index, interest rate and foreign exchange trend analysis and advisory. Our clients include portfolio managers, dealers and executives at domestic and international capital markets groups, financial institutions, and non-financial businesses.

ENHANCED CONSULTING RETAINER: Includes Rohr Report analysis access, along with concise daily telephone contact. Telephone consultations serve to customize analysis to best suit individual clients, focusing on those technical aspects that are most relevant to the scope and style of the portfolio management. This direct contact also allows for discussion of important tactical considerations, at clients’ discretion.

     Fixed Income/Equities Group:     Includes US, UK and European long-term and
short-dated fixed income, and major equity indices. Supplemental review of Canadian
and Japanese markets (as well as ad hoc views on others) is available upon request.

     Foreign Exchange Group:   US dollar against European Monetary Unit, Swiss franc, British pound, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar, with major cross rate analysis of these primary currencies, and ad hoc coverage per client request.
  • Due to both the extensive number and complexity of potential cross rate relationships, only the most important and actively trending cross rate indications are regularly covered in the TrendView analysis. Clients are encouraged to inquire regarding any other cross rate relationships of interest to them.

    CORE CONSULTING RETAINER:    Includes ENHANCED CONSULTING RETAINER reports, while adjusting the frequency of succinct telephone contacts to between two and three times per week, depending on market conditions and the level of client interest.
  • Suitable for corporate financial managers, and highly experienced analysts and traders requiring less than day-to-day assessment of trend indications and portfolio tactics.
  • Available for the same market groups as the ENHANCED CONSULTING RETAINER.

    Rohr Report (now available through Rohr-Blog)
    Research Subscription Only - as articulated in
    Evolutionary Trend View (ETV) in the Analytics page
  • Weekly Report & Event Calendar of key market influences
  • All Commentary in Rohr-Blog along with Extended Trend Assessment
  • Client initiated telephone consultations as needed: five-minute increments; billed monthly at Preferred Hourly Consultation rate of $2,400. per hour.
  • The non-client Commercial Hourly Consultation rate is $3,000. per hour.

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