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. Fall 2010 Review & Outlook and the Spring 2010 Crisis Overview  
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Rohr Report includes four types of informative perspectives:

Weekly Report & Event Calendar:    Developed economy and China outlook table of data, central bank, finance and governmental activity, speeches, debt auctions, conferences, etc. Color-coded for easy identification of the nature of activities by type: major central bank activities, economic data, debt auctions or announcements, speeches and testimony, holidays and other items.

Current Rohr Alert!!:   Very timely update on US equities each morning around the time of the Regular Trading Hours opening (typically no later than 09:00 US Central Time.) The key active short-term and overall technical trend indications with meaningful discussion of the most pertinent ‘macro’ & fundamental factors to assist with near term trend decisions.

Evolutionary Trend View (ETV) :    Regular active macro-technical trend analysis including fundamental views provided through Rohr-Blog Commentary with links to external sources:
  • Commentary: All markets in each asset class: Analysis of specific influences or broad combined ‘macro’ developments that include selective mention of Evolutionary Trend View technical comments when appropriate.
  • Extended Trend Assessment: All major markets in each asset class: Equities, Debt and Foreign Exchange with full Market Observations technical write-ups below the Commentary.
  • Special Alert: Timely brief event-driven analysis when highly volatile conditions warrant.

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